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Are you ready to feel relief from knowing your book is the best version it can be?

I intuitively help you create the best book to share your message and reach more people than with coaching and speaking alone.

The best story is lost when there are errors throughout the book, distracting those who need your help most.

I’m here to help you

Hi, I’m Kathryn!

I am an editor and writing coach helping coaches, speakers and authors create an authentic message and vision for their book using my intuitive heart-led skills, so that the book shares their story with the world.

While working for a literary agency, I loved helping clients have the best flowing information in their non-fiction books prior to submission to the publishing houses.

Then I realized the publishing houses were not helping authors keep their voices and their messages fully. Why? Because they needed the book to be marketable and make money, so the author’s voice gradually was shifted through their process until it didn’t sound like them.

What didn’t shift was my desire to help people get their books created to be the best, well-edited books to put out into the world. One person reached is one person helped, and possibly on the steps towards the healing and knowledge they need to make the world a better place.

Helping other people get their story into the best form possible is my passion.

I want everyone to have the ability to use their book as the best marketing tool that they have ever had. I want them to sell it at their speaking events. I want them to sell it to people who want 1:1 coaching and are unable to do the coaching, or perhaps, it is a shift to the group coaching and there are details the book has that enhance the group coaching.

Maybe it is an uplifting story that will help others heal or find a solution to a problem.

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Get your book ready in 3 steps


Discovery call

Schedule a no-charge discovery call to see if we are a good fit. Editors need to be aligned with the author for the best results.


Choose the services you need

If you are feeling stuck in being able to find your voice, we will talk and help you over that block.


We work together

We work together on proofreading/editing. When we are done, you walk away with a well-polished book ready for publishing.

Let me help you get your book finished to share with the world!