A Mixture of Feelings: Recipes to manage your emotions

Book cover - A Mixture of Feelings
Book cover – A Mixture of Feelings

From the back of the book: To really understand and manage our emotions, and feelings, we need to be conscious of their ingredients and have clear directions to follow which can take us to, or keep us in, a positive state of mind. It’s not about stopping an emotion or feeling. We all need to experience the emotions and feelings, but it is about managing them. It’s about taking control of your emotions and feelings instead of letting them control you.This book takes you through a number of powerful practices, which Heidi has applied successfully herself. They are of significant value and something for you to learn and apply in your own life. The book provides detailed recipes, for a range of emotions & feelings, which can simply be used immediately or tailored. What makes this book unique is the simple and straightforward step-by-step guide allowing you to construct your own recipe cards, using a range of templates. There is a comprehensive list of directions to draw on, which can be expanded and/or allow you to make your own. What’s beautiful about this approach is that age simply doesn’t matter. Heidi shares her approach, which came after 59 years of un-managed emotions. The tools and techniques are all in this book. Creating emotion recipes and using them regularly helps you to move to, and remain in, a positive state of mind. A joyful and happy mind that puts you in control of your own emotions and feelings and more importantly your life. Creating your very own personal recipe book will help you to gain that control.

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