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What problems does living with neurodiversity create in our society? And how do we address the growing gifts of an unrecognized gifted population?

This book describes what Kelly experienced as a child and what it is like from her neurodiverse perspective to live with a gifted brain. Historically, people treated the gifted brain as a shamefully hidden disability and did not historically celebrate it. The so-called system did not fit neurodiversity into the industrial work or education system.

Kelly, and other neurodiverse people, never wanted to be fixed, cured or treated as less than others. Instead, Kelly has a vision of acceptance for the beautiful, diverse way many people with neurodiversity learn. All it requires is being given the right environment for learning and developing. We can all thrive and become confident and highly functioning individuals with so much to offer.

Writing a book with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia was not an easy task. Still, in true Kelly style, her sheer grit and determination with an unstoppable love of life, Kelly created a story that brings light to neurodiverse individuals’ challenges. Kelly wants and shows how she built up a successful life and business when many people would have given up. She was told she was not fit for the purpose many times in her life and decided to turn Dyslexia into her superpower.

This book is to share the journey of the neurodiverse and for the neurotypical to learn. We are not different, and we do not have a learning difficulty if we are put in the right environment. Let us learn and embrace each other’s gifts and give praise instead of making people feel not enough. We are all more than enough.

Many undiagnosed adults may recognize slipping through the net while navigating through the school and work systems, wondering why they had such difficulties fitting in; it sometimes takes their gifted brain child to receive a diagnosis to know.

Unfiltered is about becoming your own unique, perfectly imperfect self.

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