Vade Mecum: An Always-Present Guide to Your Divine Path

Vade Mecum
Book Cover – Vade Mecum

From the back of the book: Ever feel like you missed a turn in the road?

If you were given a magical handbook with your name on it, containing divinely generated guidance specifically for you, would you want to know what it contains? What if this guidebook is meant to help you live your best life?

Through mystical yet true stories, practical examples, and tools, Vade Mecum will help you:
– Understand that you are guided at all times, sometimes in unbelievably mysterious yet magical ways.
– Realize that when you tap into this guidance, struggle and doubt become unnecessary.
– Discover how to live your life on purpose and in flow.

Never miss another turn in your road again. Open Vade Mecum and start your guided journey to live as your bold, best self.

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